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Main function realization and program design of the monitoring system

3 main function realization and program design

3.1 automatic slurry preparation

sample selection ① sample wear experiment: carry out the experiment with a sample processed into a certain shape and size. In recent years, the mine has faced the problem of uneven physical and chemical indicators of raw ore. because of this, it is more difficult to prepare slurry manually. Due to low control accuracy, it can not make full use of raw ore with relatively poor taste, It is impossible to give full play to the advantages of raw ore with relatively high taste. After introducing the automatic slurry mixing system, PLC controls the opening of the electric regulating valve through PID calculation according to the set proportion and the flow information fed back by the flowmeter, so as to control the flow and then the slurry mixing proportion. The liquid level switch detects that the mixing tank is full. The mixing process will be automatically suspended; When the flowmeter detects that the discharge pipe flow of a slurry pool cannot meet the requirements for a certain time, it will suspend the slurry mixing process. The whole process can be suspended or stopped at any time by the operator in the central control room. Each batch of slurry preparation data will generate a corresponding table, recording the date, start and end time of slurry preparation, batch, slurry pool number participating in slurry preparation, physical and chemical indicators of pulp and expected physical and chemical indicators of products after slurry preparation. After the product is inspected, you can also enter the actual physical and chemical indicators in the table. After using automatic slurry blending, the ratio of raw ore with low grade to the total ore blending is stable at 8% - 10%, increased by 3% - 5%, and the effect is good. At the same time, since the system has been put into operation for three years, the unqualified slurry blending rate is less than 0.5%

3_ 2 automatic sampling function

an electric on-off valve for sampling from the pipe side is installed at each discharge port of the concentration tank. Before discharging slurry into the slurry collecting pool, the operator sets the sampling time and sampling interval in the central control room. According to this setting, the system opens the on-off valve when the sampling interval is reached, samples the discharged slurry, and closes the valve when the sampling time is reached

this seemingly simple work was originally completed manually by post personnel. Because the sampling interval of manual sampling is not fixed, and the amount of samples cannot be unified, the pulp taken is not representative. After automatic sampling is adopted, the strict sampling time and sampling interval are set, which not only ensures the uniformity of samples, but also reduces the set sampling interval to ten minutes, which greatly increases the number of samples, makes the samples taken very representative, and reduces the workload of post personnel

3_ 3 backwater management system

the company has been committed to protecting the mining area and the surrounding environment, and adhere to the path of sustainable development. In order to achieve zero discharge of production return water, the return water management function is added to the system. This function monitors the return water through the level gauge installed in the high-level return water tank and the return water tank of the concentrator. When the water level of the high-level return water tank is at the lower limit of the set height, the system automatically starts the water pump to pump the return water of the return water tank of the concentrator to the high-level return water tank for storage; When the water level of the high-level return tank reaches the set upper limit, stop pumping. Through this function, the backwater produced in production is effectively managed. Taking the sensor of S-type experimental machine as an example, the production cost is saved and the purpose of environmental protection is achieved

3.4 management software of electronic belt weighing instrument

before, the electronic belt weighing instrument of the concentrator was not connected to the computer, so it can only record the data manually through the supporting header, which is not conducive to the storage and sorting of production data. The belt weighing instrument is connected to the system through twisted shielded wire, and according to the communication protocol provided by the manufacturer, the management software of the belt weighing instrument is compiled, which can monitor the ore discharge of raw ore in the concentrator on the industrial control computer in the industrial control room of a company engaged in the research, development, production and sales of packaging products and film products, and can record the ore discharge of each shift, hourly ore discharge, daily ore discharge and monthly ore discharge, And form a data statistics table, which can be printed by the printer

3.5 main production equipment and production process monitoring

by connecting the start and stop conditions of the main production equipment of the concentrator to the system and presenting them on the large-size analog display screen, the concentrator management personnel can intuitively grasp the equipment operation conditions, which is convenient for production management. The system operation interface made by configuration software is simple and clear, which is convenient for managers to query and operate. The support of SQL Server database enables all production data to form real-time curves, historical curves and alarm texts in the system interface

4 conclusion

the automatic slurry mixing and equipment monitoring system of the company's concentrator is the first in the domestic kaolin industry. The operation of this system not only marks a qualitative leap in the company's Beneficiation production ability, but also marks a new stage in the management level of the company's concentrator

since it was put into use for three years, the product quality control has been stable, and the utilization rate of raw ore with low taste has been significantly improved, which has contributed to extending the service life of the mine and improving the company's efficiency, and achieved the purpose of building the system at that time

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