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The 12th Five Year Plan for the publishing industry points out that digital publishing has become a strategic emerging industry of the publishing industry and the main direction of the development of the publishing industry, as well as an important part of the national economy and social informatization. Based on this judgment, the development policy of digital publishing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period emphasizes that we should be based on the current situation and take into account the long term, actively cultivate new publishing formats, and promote the structural adjustment and development mode transformation of the publishing industry. Therefore, the main goal of the development of the digital publishing industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period is: by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan period, China's total output of digital publishing will strive to reach 25% of the total output of the publishing industry, form 810 national digital publishing bases or national digital publishing industrial parks with their own characteristics and an annual output value of more than 10 billion, and build 58 massive digital content delivery platforms integrating books, newspapers, magazines and audio-visual electronic publications, Form 20 internationally competitive digital publishing backbone enterprises with annual main business income of more than 1billion yuan

second, the strategic focus of the digital publishing industry

(I) actively promote the transformation of traditional publishing enterprises to digital publishing

accelerate the transformation of traditional publishing industry to digital publishing, complete the digital collation and processing of stock publishing resources, and carry out all-round and deep-level development and utilization of content resources; Transform the traditional publishing process and establish content production methods and communication channels that adapt to the development of digital publishing industry; Vigorously develop digital newspapers and periodicals and build a network publishing platform for academic journals; Guide and encourage traditional printing enterprises to carry out digital printing business

develop and expand advantageous industries

vigorously develop advantageous industries such as online games, e-books, and high-quality academic journal databases, accelerate the development of the national animation industry, and significantly improve the quantity and quality of domestic animation products; Vigorously support the development of digital publishing products with mobile terminals as the main communication channels and carriers, realize the multi screen application of content resources, and improve the utilization rate and return on investment of content resources; We should actively develop the national network cultural industry, encourage and support the creation and research and development of national original network cultural products, and expand the space for the development of national network culture

improve the level of digital publishing copyright protection

accelerate the formulation of laws and regulations related to digital copyright, strengthen the research and development of digital copyright technology with DRM as the core, and encourage the application of digital copyright protection technology

establish a massive digital content conversion and processing center

guide and encourage traditional publishing enterprises to digitally convert stock resources, form a digital publishing product system covering online publishing, publishing, e-books and various emerging user terminals, and provide the public with massive digital publishing products with rich types, excellent quality, reasonable prices and convenient use. Guide the establishment of massive digital content conversion and processing centers, and improve resource utilization and the intensive level of digital content conversion and processing

build a digital publishing industry base with reasonable layout and various types

build 810 digital publishing industry bases with different functions and prominent priorities to drive and radiate the common development of surrounding areas. Build 12 national digital publishing bases in East China, South China, central China, North China, Northeast China, Northwest China, Southwest China and other regions with conditions to improve the concentration of digital publishing industry and open up the industrial chain; Encourage the base to concentrate resources, highlight characteristics, strengthen and expand a number of leading digital publishing enterprises as soon as possible, and play a leading and exemplary role. Research and formulate a scientific and reasonable evaluation system and evaluation standards for digital publishing enterprises, increase support for key enterprises, and further enhance the enthusiasm and initiative of enterprises

build a public digital publishing service system

further increase investment in public welfare digital publishing industry and strive to do a good job in public welfare digital publishing; Conscientiously organize and launch more and better digital publishing products that serve agriculture, rural areas and farmers, the ideological and moral construction of minors, as well as minority written, Braille, and academic documents that effectively reduce natural gas consumption and popular science; Fully mobilize various social forces to participate in the promotion of rural digital publishing products; Relying on rural bookstores, speed up the construction of rural bookstores; Actively adapt to the trend of digital reading, and vigorously carry out digital reading activities with rich content and various forms

actively implement the "going out" strategy of digital publishing

vigorously promote the "going out" of digital publishing products, copyrights, enterprises and standards, and strive to improve the international competitiveness of Chinese enterprises and the international influence of Chinese culture. Strengthen external publicity, exhibition and promotion, and cultivate and expand the international market in a planned and phased manner. Publishing enterprises and social forces are encouraged to set up digital publishing institutions abroad through joint ventures, cooperation, equity participation, holdings, acquisitions and other means, and actively explore overseas markets. We should actively promote cross-strait cooperation, enhance the identity and cohesion of Chinese culture, jointly develop international markets, and jointly develop the digital publishing industry with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics

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