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The main force of agricultural machinery launched a series of highlights in the "three summers"

the wheat harvest period of nearly a month has basically ended, and farmers take advantage of sunny weather to dry wheat

the annual "three summer" wheat cross regional machine harvest conference was basically successful, tens of thousands of wheat combine harvesters were put into production in the province, and 10.03 million mu of wheat planted in our province was harvested again

through autumn and winter planting and spring management, our province has ushered in a large-scale harvest of summer grain. This year's "three summers" is different from the past, showing many gratifying new features: farmers poke the screen, the harvester will drive into their own wheat fields on time, and the operation data will appear on the screen in real time. If there is a problem with the harvester, the agricultural robot operator can achieve one click repair through the client, and soon there will be service personnel to repair it... This is unimaginable in previous years

during the summer harvest, all localities are committed to creating information "three summers", quality "three summers", green "three summers", safe "three summers", warm heart "three summers", and "three summers" show a series of new changes and new highlights, such as high efficiency, good quality and greening

with the integration of informatization, the "three summers" are no longer busy

when it comes to agricultural production, many people still think of the scenes of "facing the Loess and facing the sky", "weeding at noon, sweat dripping into the soil". Nowadays, with the intervention of various information means, the "three summers" have become leisurely and orderly

the harvester that Jiao Jiming, a large grain farmer in Jiaohe village, Hexi Town, Gaoping City, had previously ordered did not arrive on time. Seeing that the wheat in the field was about to be harvested, the last app software helped him a lot. His wheat operation area, geographical location and other information were pushed by the summer harvest big data processing platform to the registered agricultural machinery hand with him as the center and within a radius of 20 kilometers. Within half an hour, four agricultural machinery operators rushed for orders, and Jiao Jiming successfully booked a harvester

in this year's wheat harvest battle, "Internet +" is becoming a highlight. Wu Xiaojun, who has been engaged in agricultural machinery for more than 20 years, is an old farmer. During the harvest interval, he opened it for several times. It turned out that he knew the farmers' harvest intention through his network. In order to close the communication between agricultural machinery operators and large grain growers, Jincheng agricultural machinery department actively promoted the "agricultural machinery through train? The average procurement of national agricultural mechanization information service is more than 10 times that of Beijing Tianjin Intercity Railway" and app, helping machine operators find jobs and farmers find machines through information means, and promoting the orderly flow of combine harvesters

Li Hei, a villager in Wuxing village, Zhoucun Town, Zezhou County, planted 4 mu of wheat. With the roar of the harvester, harvesting, straw returning to the field, deep ploughing and scarifying, land leveling and even sowing were completed in only two hours. Li heinv sighed, "before the summer harvest, the family had to be busy for fourorfive days, and it took twoorthree days to sow. Now the whole process is mechanized, and farming is becoming easier and easier."

the speed is faster, but the quality needs to be improved.

in xiazha Township, the main traditional wheat producing area of Xiaoyi City, the combine harvester roars back and forth. Yao Jindou, an agricultural machinery operator who has participated in the summer harvest for more than a decade, said that this crawler combine has high efficiency and convenient operation, and is especially suitable for the terrain and landform of the lower fence. He said that this kind of harvester can harvest 70 or 80 mu of land in a day. It is characterized by dexterity. It can cut in any land. It can basically return particles to the warehouse against fallen wheat and standing wheat in front of the tree

last year, xiazha Township introduced the technology of wheat wide and narrow row soil moisture detection and furrow sowing, and now the wheat cutting is planted with this new technology, with a yield of nearly 500 Jin per mu. Chengpengfei, deputy township head of xiazha Township, Xiaoyi City, said that this year, the yield of furrow sown wheat is about 20% higher than that of flat sown wheat. It is planned to expand the soil moisture detecting furrow sown wheat to about 3000 mu in the planting process of autumn wheat in 2017, so that the wheat area of xiazha township will be stabilized at more than 8000 mu

raw materials will be accurately covered in the required position

good news also came from the actual beating acceptance site of the high-yield demonstration field of paddy wheat in Quting Town, Hongdong county to provide excellent product solutions for surface material customers. Professor Gao Zhiqiang's team of Shanxi Agricultural University organized and implemented the "wide strip sowing water-saving, fertilizer saving, high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation technology in the west of the Huang Huai Hai Basin" in this place, and the actual beating acceptance wheat yield reached 711.5 kg per mu, This is the highest yield per unit area of wheat planting in the paddy field of our province

it is understood that Professor Gao Zhiqiang's team has established an experimental demonstration base of "wide strip sowing water-saving, fertilizer saving, high-yield and high-efficiency cultivation technology in the west of the Huang Huai Hai Basin" in Hongdong county. Up to now, the core demonstration area of integrated technology has reached 2260 mu, with more than 30 mu of high-yield key fields. This technology has made a breakthrough in the field of water wheat planting in the province, successfully reversing the previous idea that wheat planting only focuses on dry land and ignores water land, and is conducive to achieving a stable increase in the yield of water wheat in our province

green, farewell to the "smoke of gunpowder" in the field.

entering a wheat field in Tunli village, Wucun Town, Yaodu District, Linfen City, golden wheat waves are permeated with a thick "green". The sound of the machine rumbled and kept busy, and the pieces of wheat were instantly divided into two. The grain part was collected into the granary, and the straw part was crushed and spread in the wheat field. Then, the baler picks up and bales the crushed straw, and the originally scattered straw becomes a solid bundle of wheat straw. In more and more places, wheat machine harvesting is completed simultaneously with straw treatment and place of origin drying, which is both green and efficient

the prohibition of wheat straw burning is a long-standing problem. Linfen City vigorously promoted the use of Mechanized Straw Returning from the field, subsoiling and land preparation, and expanded the application of green, environmental friendly, efficient and energy-saving equipment and technology, which effectively improved the quality of cultivated land. At the same time, they strengthened environmental protection publicity, and resolutely stopped and investigated the burning of straw. At the beginning of the summer harvest, Liucun town of Linfen city held a fire prevention launch ceremony of banning the burning of wheat straw and stubble, requiring relevant departments to create a strong atmosphere in publicity; The facilities should be fully equipped to ensure that the land is returned in place; We should deploy in place and assign people to the implementation; We should be more serious and quick in accountability, punish online, never tolerate and connive, and strictly investigate the "first fire"

in the whole growth process of wheat, Our province vigorously promotes "One control, two reductions and three basics, namely: control agricultural water use; reduce the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides; take relevant measures for the three basic problems of livestock and poultry pollution treatment, plastic film recycling and straw incineration. This green model reduces the use of pesticides and fertilizers, improves the utilization rate of straw and plastic film recycling, and is conducive to the improvement of wheat quality.

safety is paramount, and the details should be implemented.

Qinshui county will do a good job as soon as wheat is mature All preparations should be made to strengthen the safety defense line and ensure that the safety production situation of agricultural machinery in the county remains stable during the "three summer" period

the Agricultural Machinery Department organizes personnel to provide "one-stop" services such as on-site annual inspection, household registration and listing for combine harvesters, so that agricultural machinery operators can handle relevant businesses at home. They issued safety notices for agricultural machinery operators to participate in the "three summer" operation, and pasted warning signs for agricultural machinery. Organize agricultural machinery technicians to go deep into townships (towns) and villages, Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and large households of agricultural machinery to help guide the maintenance of "three summer" battle machinery. At the same time, give full play to the role of agricultural machinery regional maintenance centers and Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, and actively help farmers overhaul machines and tools; Organize agricultural machinery supervisors to enter villages and households, go deep into fields, carry out technical training, vigorously publicize the knowledge of agricultural machinery safety production and agricultural machinery laws and regulations, popularize the knowledge of agricultural machinery safety, and enhance the safety awareness of agricultural machinery drivers and the broad masses of the people; Agricultural machinery supervisors were also organized to focus on the inspection of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives, agricultural machinery maintenance points, agricultural machinery sheds, field yards and other important agricultural machinery production and operation sites, and to focus on the inspection of whether the agricultural machinery safety warning signs, safety protection devices, night reflective devices are complete and effective. At the same time, in view of the complex and changeable climate and the high risk of agricultural machinery safety accidents during the "three summer" period, they issued the emergency plan for agricultural mechanization production during the "three summer" period, set up an emergency organization to ensure that the communication during the "three summer" period was kept unblocked for 24 hours...

love dedication warmed the hearts of farmers

Li Quangui, caijiayaotou village, Yaofeng Town, Xia County, who had been a village cadre for 22 years, was nearly 70 years old. His wife fell ill and lost his ability to work, His son is mentally retarded and goes out to work. It was the wheat harvest season when the farmers were eating, and a 3 mu piece of wheat on the slope of his ditch collapsed due to wind and rain. In addition, the hillside and road were narrow, and the machinery could not reach the ground. The old man was anxious, but he was really helpless

peiwenrong, Secretary of the Party committee of Yaofeng Town, immediately organized officials to help Li Quangui's family cut wheat and rush to harvest. After more than two hours of sweat and hard work, they cut all three acres of wheat. Li Quangui said excitedly, "everyone is waving a sickle and wearing a straw hat to cut wheat. I seem to see that the cadre style back in those days!"

Hejin Agricultural Machinery Bureau set up nine rural service teams with a total of more than 20 people to go to the fields all over the city to provide considerate services for agricultural machinery households. When agricultural machinery breaks down and the communication between agricultural machinery operators and farmers is poor, Hejin rural service team will timely coordinate with the manufacturer's after-sales service station to troubleshoot. The considerate service made many agricultural machinery owners who came to Hejin to participate in the summer harvest very satisfied. Liuyingjie, the owner of Linyi agricultural machinery, said that he is from Linyi County. He basically comes to Hejin City every year. For many years, there are special people in each village to lead him to the field for operations

the Provincial Meteorological Bureau also took the production of "three summers" as the focus of meteorological installation and on-site environment services that do not meet the technical requirements. Keep in close contact with the agricultural department, timely understand the progress of the wheat harvest, and timely deliver the special report on meteorological services for summer harvest and summer planting, the rolling weather forecast during the "three summer" period, and the agricultural weather forecast for summer harvest, summer planting, drying and other agricultural weather forecasts to the local government, agriculture related departments and farmers, so as to do a good job in the "three summer" meteorological services in an all-round way

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