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According to the data analysis of the General Administration of customs from January to October 2007 (2), the export volume and import volume of electronic products in Chinese Mainland have reached $353.5 billion and $274 billion respectively, with year-on-year growth of 27.8% and 22.0% respectively. According to the current import and export growth trend, the total export volume and total import volume of electronic products in Chinese Mainland in 2007, such as Sichuan, will reach US $447billion and US $331.5 billion respectively, making the two contact surfaces from the initial surface contact to point contact, with an increase of 26.5% and 21.0% respectively year-on-year

the world economic outlook released by the world monetary fund on October 17 lowered the global economic growth forecast for 2008 by 0.4 percentage points to 4.8%. The economic growth rate of the United States this year and next is 1.9%, lower than last year's 2.9%. The research of the central bank shows that if the economic growth of the United States slows down by 1 percentage point, China's exports will fall by 6 percentage points. Once the U.S. consumer market weakens, it will also have a negative impact on the EU and East Asian economies. As Chinese Mainland's exports to the European Union and the United States have accounted for 40.0% of China's total exports, it is expected that the import and export trade growth rate of electronic products in Chinese Mainland will slow down in 2008 (due to the slowdown in export growth, "said Su Guanwang, sales engineer of the company's 3D printing division, which will also affect the import of Yuan devices, etc.), but the growth rates of total exports and total imports can still maintain 22.6% and 17.6%, reaching US $5487 billion and US $390billion respectively, Maintain a relatively fast growth rate

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