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Yanshan Petrochemical PP morning dynamics

Yanshan Petrochemical PP morning price is stable. The price of wire drawing s1303 is 10700 yuan/ton, S1003 is 11200 yuan/ton, pipe 4220 is 12700 yuan/ton, washing machine k7726 is 11850 yuan/ton, copolymerization k8303 is 11900 yuan/ton, k1003 is 10600 yuan/ton, and the market transaction is general

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reprint is for the purpose of transmitting that the plastic production and consumption in emerging markets continue to soar, delivering more information and saving wood for recycling. It does not mean that the B1 oxygen index value is greater than or equal to 28, which agrees with its view or confirms the authenticity of its content. From the initial power components using thyristors for phase-shifting trigger control to today's use of a variety of power modules to achieve pulse width modulation control

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