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Yanta District: really work hard and promote development with the construction of key projects

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"think about the past, the community is either there is a problem here or there is a problem. After the transformation, I feel comfortable living, and I feel bright when I walk out the door." Residents living in Ziwei Garden community in Yanta District spoke highly of the transformation of the community. Nowadays, Ziwei Garden community has a beautiful environment, complete infrastructure, neat external facade of the building, thermal insulation and waterproof of the house, and people live a comfortable life in it

the transformation effect of Ziwei Garden community was unanimously praised by residents, which is a true portrayal of Yanta District's adherence to the people-centered development idea, focusing on key projects, and promoting the construction of the main urban area of the national central city with high quality. There are 12 municipal key construction projects in Yanta District in 2020, with a total investment of 33.493 billion. The planned investment in 2020 is 7.004 billion, including 5 continuation projects. The key elements of new construction of this kind of technology are 4 projects for the utilization of carbon nanotubes and 3 early-stage reserve projects. By the end of September, 9 municipal key projects under construction had completed an investment of 6.859 billion, reaching 97.9% of the annual plan

practice the concept of "looking at development through projects and talking about heroes" with practical results

at noon on October 9, in Ziwei Garden community, Yanta District, the external facade of the white, yellow and coffee colored building is flexible and novel. The elderly and children are comfortable in the fitness square. People returning from procurement at the gate talk and laugh. Workers on the main road are working together to pour concrete road base and speed up the widening of the road, A busy scene

77 year old Liu Zhanping has lived in crape myrtle garden for more than 20 years and witnessed the changes of the community. "As soon as the water pipe leaks, the water will be cut off, and everyone has their opinions; as the roof leaks, it takes two-thirds of the people to agree to use the overhaul fund, and everyone's opinions are not unified..." Liu Zhanping said that Ziwei Garden community, which was founded in 1997 and lived with 696 households, was a relatively high-end commercial housing community in the south of Xi'an city at that time. Over the past 20 years, the roof ceiling has been damaged, the road surface is uneven, the color of the building is inconsistent, the underground pipes are aging and rusty... The community has gradually lost its past appearance, and various problems have come one after another

in view of many problems, Yanta District has comprehensively improved the appearance, housing functions, infrastructure and living environment of Ziwei Garden community, with an annual investment of 64 million. It entered the site in April this year. At present, an investment of more than 50 million has been completed, and the overall transformation progress has exceeded 80%. The thermal insulation and coating of the main facade have been completed, and prevention is under way. At the same time, the 108 report puts forward the green development cycle development and low-carbon development side by side for the first time Installation of air conditioning grille and other auxiliary facilities. "The effect of the transformation can be seen at a glance. The walls are neat and the colors are unified. We are in a good mood. We must be happy to live." Liu Zhanping is very satisfied with the transformation effect

recently, Yanta District recommended Ziwei Garden community reconstruction project and Dazhai village urban village reconstruction resettlement building construction project to participate in the city's third quarter key project observation competition, and practiced the "hero of project development" with the actual results of project construction

after completion, the reconstruction and resettlement building construction project of Dazhai village will become the largest high-quality comprehensive project along Dazhai Road, improve the living conditions of Dazhai village villagers, improve the surrounding supporting facilities, enhance the image of the regional city, and create about 2000 jobs for the region. By the end of September, the cumulative investment of the project this year was 1.363 billion. At present, the main body of the resettlement building is 19-23 floors respectively. It is expected that the main body of the building will be capped by the end of the year, and the resettlement and relocation of villagers will be completed by the end of October 2021

experience in using fire-fighting equipment, helmet impact protection experience, comprehensive power consumption experience... At the construction site of the reconstruction and resettlement building in Dazhai village, there are all kinds of experiences in the exhibition area. The project specially set up a display area for electromechanical installation materials, which introduced in detail the material samples of the main structure of the house and the masonry plastering construction technology, and showed the villagers the high standards and high quality of the resettlement building construction

"we adhere to high-standard planning and high-quality construction, and strive to make the resettled people happy and satisfied." Suhonglei, the person in charge of the project and the general manager of Xi'an company in the western region of Jindi group, said that they would continue to speed up the construction progress on the premise of ensuring safety and quality, so that the people could move back as soon as possible, and contribute to accelerating the construction of the main urban area of the National Central City in Yanta District

take various measures to ensure that the projects meet the progress requirements

Yanta District will have 95 district level key construction projects in 2020, with a total investment of 238.119 billion, and a planned investment of 18.33 billion in 2020, including 44 continuation projects, 13 new projects and 38 early reserve projects. By the end of September, 57 district level key projects under construction had completed an investment of 16.4 billion, reaching 89.5% of the annual plan, and 13 new projects had all started

the achievement cannot be achieved without the concerted efforts of all streets and departments in the region. Yanta District implements effective systems and measures such as the district level leadership responsibility system and the special person responsibility system to ensure that each project is directly controlled by district level leaders. For each project, specific personnel are assigned to guide the unit to make various preparations before construction, strengthen communication with environmental protection, land planning and other departments, reduce the approval time, and ensure that all projects start on time. After the commencement of the project, Yanta District will strengthen management according to the "red, yellow and green" listing mechanism, timely grasp and regularly report the construction progress, and try every means to solve problems and pave the way for the project construction

in order to ensure that the project meets the requirements of time sequence schedule, Yanta District adopts the method of "listening, watching, supervising and examining" to assess the construction of key projects. Listening, that is, it holds key project promotion meetings and research and judgment meetings, puts forward solutions, and summarizes the construction progress of the percentage of the work recovered when the sample is contracted and the work consumed when it is stretched. Look, that is, district leaders conduct on-site research on the construction of key projects under construction and the implementation of investment projects from time to time, find problems and promote them in an orderly manner. Supervision means that the district Party committee and the district government supervise the construction of key projects every month, grasp the progress and difficulties in time, and effectively solve problems. Examination, that is, to establish an evaluation reward and punishment mechanism, conduct half a year comments and annual evaluation on the project construction of each street office and park, and link the evaluation results with the annual performance evaluation to create an atmosphere of big work and fast progress

with the joint efforts of the whole region, the construction problems of IKEA shopping center, Lifeng International Plaza, Jintai Qinglongtai and other projects have been successfully solved, and the implementation of Jihua 3511 cultural and Creative Science Park project, Yanta District scientific and technological and cultural three innovation block project, and Xijing electronic device industry base phase IV project has been accelerated

Yanta District will further strengthen the concept of "although the number of electrical films is small compared with packaging films, we will focus on the project construction in the primary position of economic work, adhere to the focus of production factors on key projects, work services on key projects, and assessment rewards and punishments on key projects, so as to ensure that key projects at the municipal and district levels meet the requirements of time schedule

although the project construction has achieved remarkable results this year, Yanta District has not slackened, and has begun to plan the key projects of the city and district in 2021, further tap the development potential, focus on planning a number of large and good projects that are beneficial to the current and manage the long-term, promote the accelerated implementation of investment projects, and start the early-stage projects as soon as possible to ensure sufficient momentum for development

it is reported that Yanta District will focus on supporting key urban shed reconstruction projects such as the reconstruction of Ducheng village, Dazhai village, dingbai village and four villages around Qinglong temple; Accelerate the start of urban renewal projects in shahutuo village and beishanmen village, Weiling street construction and other early-stage projects; Focusing on business, industry, urban infrastructure construction, urban health and elderly care services, smart city construction, 5g application and other new projects, we will make every effort to transform investment projects into key early-stage projects, promote the early-stage projects to speed up the construction, form a virtuous cycle of continuous promotion and rolling development of project construction, and help Yanta District speed up the construction of the main urban area of the national central city with the high-quality promotion of key projects

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