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Yanxiang invested heavily in the server field, focusing on the "security card" of security monitoring

following the relocation project of China Unicom's core cluster router at the CHINA169 backbone node in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, in October 2012, it was Cisco router CRS that was relocated. Insiders pointed out that Cisco's product vulnerabilities and backdoor problems are the main reasons for operators to worry about or even replace their devices. Previously, the security vulnerability exposed by Cisco was modified in the experimental scheme after the parameters were confirmed. The operator's PU is bound to become a milestone in the development of China Mongolia friendly cooperation. Analysts said that there are many foreign equipment in China at present, and there are historical reasons for this. Due to the relatively backward communication technology in early China, it is difficult to support the large-scale network operation and maintenance at that time, so we can only use foreign equipment. However, at present, China's communication technology level has reached the world level, and some technologies have even achieved leadership. Local enterprises have been able to carry the comprehensive operation and maintenance of the network

in the field of security monitoring in China, there are also a large number of foreign brand servers. In the server field, most customers believe that as long as the operating system and firewall are OK, data security can be guaranteed. I don't know, there is another invisible system in the server, which is running all the time. For example, IPMI software, which monitors the health status of the server, operates in a single chip microcomputer on the same motherboard. The operating system is also running in this single chip microcomputer. As long as there is physical communication, your data will have a way to go wrong. Similarly, in BIOS, in the port control chip, you can make your data unsafe

not only communication operators, there are more and more industries and fields in China, such as government, finance and customs, and then calculate the following tensile properties of materials:, electric power, public security and other departments related to public security and national security, saying no to Polai products and brands. And not only at the machine level, core components such as motherboards and software will also be comprehensively evaluated and prevented. It will not be long before servers of foreign brands are no longer used in these key industries and fields

last week, a media celebrity revealed that the vice president of Yanxiang intelligent, the largest special computer manufacturer in China, had secretly announced at the high-level internal meeting that he planned to invest 236million to enter the industrial server market. This year is the celebration year of Yanxiang's 20 week but slow year. At the new year's oath meeting, Yanxiang's management team boldly said that it would take the development of the industrial server market as one of the group's most important strategies this year, It may even recruit executives from well-known commercial server manufacturers to quickly expand the industrial server market. Analysts said that the reason why Yanxiang has the courage to invest heavily in the server market in the current global economic downturn is, on the one hand, based on Yanxiang's solid accumulation in industrial product research and development over the past 20 years. The more important reason may be that Yanxiang executives have clearly seen that in the context of domestic server industry or foreign brand dominance, security issues have become an unbearable pain for the domestic industry to choose server products, The domestic industry wants to say no to Polai products and brands, but it can't find a server brand that can compete with foreign brands. This time, Yanxiang can show the magnanimity of industry leaders. It is also based on the premise that Yanxiang products have been purchased by the domestic military, and even foreign military such as Germany, South Korea, India and so on. It is confident that the independently developed industrial server products can ensure the security of the most basic level of domestic user data

in the end, whether Yanxiang can lead China's public security enterprises and national security departments in finance, customs, electricity, public security and other matters to completely get rid of the situation of saying no to foreign server brands, we will continue to pay attention, and we hope that the time will soon come when foreign brand servers will no longer be used in key domestic industries and fields

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