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Yanxiang assisted in the sixth railway speed increase

both the investment of new trains and the use of new train dispatching system cannot be separated from the support of IT technology. The in-depth application of informatization brought by the sixth railway speed increase is a concentrated embodiment. The biggest highlight of this railway speed increase is that the EMU with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour is operated for the first time on the existing railway line in China, and its speed target value, technical content The scale and scope of the acceleration will exceed the previous five times. Safe operation is the purpose of railway transportation. As a part of safety control, Yanxiang industrial control plays an important role in it

what people first feel is the on-board microcomputer control system, including vehicle measurement and control, locomotive measurement and control, fault diagnosis, passenger service, etc., which not only ensures the safety and reliability of train operation, but also uses advanced control technology to serve passengers, with official business, communication services, travel guidance, entertainment services. The on-board microcomputer system is used under specific on-board environmental conditions, and a considerable part of the tasks completed involve driving safety. Therefore, necessary measures should be taken to meet the requirements of its reliability and fault safety. The on-board environmental conditions mainly include the following aspects: the ambient temperature and the two true partial pressures of the friction pair are almost zero in use (in the state of power on), and the supply side management should be strengthened. 4. The activity is 1 point worse than hips (in the state of non power on). Ambient temperature, high and low temperature cycle, temperature shock, damp and heat, vibration, transportation vibration, collision, shock, constant acceleration, mold, salt fog. To adapt to harsh environmental conditions, reinforcement measures can be taken from mechanical, electrical, chemical and other aspects. The 104 motherboard and CPCI products of Yanxiang conform to this feature and become the core of the railway on-board microcomputer system

crh (chinarailwayhigh speed) means "China high speed railway". The world generally defines the speed of high-speed railway at more than 200 kilometers per hour, and the speed of high-speed railway in China is also defined at more than 200 kilometers per hour. There are mainly four types of high-speed railway locomotives in China: CRH1, CRH2, CRH3 and CRH5. Among them, the design speed of CRH1, CRH2 and CRH5 is more than 200 kilometers per hour, while the design speed of CRH3 is more than 300 kilometers per hour. The safety of high-speed trains puts forward higher requirements for vehicle production and the maintenance process of stations and depots. Yanxiang industrial control host has become an important part of the station and depot detection system. The passenger train dynamic image detection system is an intelligent system integrating high-speed digital image acquisition, real-time processing of large-capacity image data and accurate positioning pattern recognition technology. It uses the 64 bit system host of Yanxiang to meet the continuous photographing process of the train at high speed. It captures the bottom and sides of the carriage during train operation, and combines the captured pictures, Check the running condition of the vehicle, realize the transition of the vehicle application technical inspection from the "manual inspection and repair" mode to the "machine inspection and repair" mode, and the transformation of the train quality from "human control" to "machine control", reduce the artificial detection faults, and improve the work efficiency

vehicle maintenance depot and locomotive maintenance depot are also important links in the normal operation of the train. The detection requirements for train wheel sets, braking devices and shock absorption devices are very strict, including wheel set full-automatic balancing machine, wheel set size automatic measuring machine, brake system test bench, wheel automatic flaw detection system, cylinder valve test bench, spring test bench and other devices. The ipc-810b industrial control reinforcement machine of Yanxiang is used in each detection system, and the reinforcement model with double batten structure is adopted to meet the anti vibration requirements of the detection site. With high reliability and stability, it plays an important role in station detection

the safety guarantee of China's railway 200km/h speed increase project should be based on the train operation control and integrated dispatching command system, the monitoring system of fixed facilities and mobile equipment, and the disaster alarm system. The train operation safety integrated monitoring system is the core of train operation. The system is mainly divided into four parts: the train operation safety monitoring system is composed of 12 technical equipment, such as the ground safety monitoring system of vehicle operation status. The information network transmission and information management center constitute the driving safety information system. The dynamic image transmission system constitutes the accident rescue emergency processing system. Reforming the current safety variable control spring force will affect the variable performance management system to form a new driving safety information management system. Including integrated monitoring network (SMIS), safety information supervision center, ground safety monitoring system for vehicle operation status, track dynamic detection unit (vehicle shaking instrument), railway freight safety monitoring door, shunting operation safety monitoring system, infrared axle temperature detector above 160K km/h, DF11 locomotive fault monitoring system, locomotive signal recorder, dynamic image transmission system, track inspection vehicle performance optimization and added functions Fast rail flaw detection vehicle, etc. Yanxiang industrial control has specific applications in railway station microcomputer interlocking system, railway signal microcomputer monitoring system and track detection system

station automatic control system, including station automatic fare collection system (AFC), station automatic inquiry system, passenger information display system (PIDs), implementation environment and equipment monitoring system (EMCS), gas fire extinguishing system (FES), power monitoring system (SCADA). The "Long March" series of complete machine products launched by Yanxiang company, mec-5002 micro embedded complete machine products, are applied to the station ticket checking terminal to realize a complete set of solutions for industry automatic charging, automatic settlement and automatic ledger

Yanxiang's products have included all existing projects in railway automatic control. The national policy will vigorously develop railway transportation, so it is a very good opportunity for us. Yanxiang industrial control has played an important role in the railway industry, which is also conducive to the real localization of the railway industry

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