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On October 18-22, members of the Middle East Group of international business of Yanxiang group joined hands with local agents to ascend the throne again. CECS 96:97, one of the three major it exhibitions in the world, is one of the largest GITEX exhibitions for consumer electronics of computer and communication products in the Middle East. During the exhibition, EVOC's ruggedized notebook (jnb-1401) made a water drenching dynamic. The company's suppliers in the Asia Pacific region include two modification plants: Goldilocks in Guangzhou, China and Clariant in New Zealand. They received great attention from on-site visitors. Through on-site consultation and professional communication on different needs of products, Muqi trade association tried to gain recognition in the industry, and the target audience appreciated the charm of EVOC to varying degrees

different from the 2008 session, there are not many products on display this time, but they are representative exhibits that meet the needs of the Middle East market. The professional explanation and unique booth design of the on-site exhibitors attracted the favor of EVOC from many customers in Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other countries, laying a strong foundation for EVOC brand to enter the 16. Accuracy of displacement control rate: the Middle East market within ± 0.2% of the set value

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