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On December 8, the Institute of computing technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (hereinafter referred to as "the Institute") and the leading enterprise in China's special computer industry, Yanxiang group, jointly signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the application of Godson embedded technology at Beijing Capital Hotel. The two sides also set up a "joint embedded application laboratory" for the application and R & D cooperation between Yanxiang special computer and Godson CPU, and held the unveiling ceremony of the laboratory

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meeting, Chen Zhilie, chairman of the board of directors of Yanxiang group, and Li Guojie, director of the Institute of computing, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered speeches on the content of cooperation and the direction of technological research and development, and signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The cooperation between the two sides marks that the field of special computers in China has been advancing towards "made in China", and China's scientific and technological level has entered a new era

the Institute of computing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is a leading domestic first-class research institution in the field of computers. It has successfully developed China's first general-purpose digital electronic computer and formed a research and development base for high-performance computers in China. Godson CPU, China's first general-purpose processor chip, was also born here. Academician liguojie, the director of the Institute of computing, said that the research and development of Godson CPU is an important embodiment of China's ability to improve independent innovation. The focus of the Institute's scientific research work is not only to improve the ability to overcome core technologies, but also to strengthen the industrialization process. Through the strategic cooperation with Yanxiang group, the Institute will strengthen and expand the application of Godson in the embedded industry and further promote the development of Godson in industrialization

the Institute of computing attaches great importance to the industrialization of Godson. In addition to CPUs, the industrial chain of Godson CPU also involves many links, such as chip sets, motherboards, operating systems, application software, system integration, services, etc. Therefore, the Institute of computing has always taken "strengthening the core and radiating the industry" as the idea of Godson's industrialization, through the means of curve construction, technology transfer or authorization required by the industrialization base to accurately draw the graphic method, Close cooperation with downstream enterprises will eventually form a certain scale of industrial clusters, change the current situation of industries controlled by others, and become a national strategic product. At present, Godson CPU is comprehensively advancing in many key areas, including information and network security, when the power supply voltage is 28vdc, the leakage current increases rapidly

Yanxiang group is the only listed company in the same industry in China and a leading enterprise in China's special computer industry. From chips to boards, modules, whole machines and embedded systems, Yanxiang has fully integrated all the cutting-edge technologies independently developed in China, has the R & D strength comparable to the international level, and its product technology fully owns independent intellectual property rights. At present, Yanxiang group is also leading and drafting the national standards for industrial computers in China, so as to establish Chinese standards with international competitiveness for the industry

the Institute of computing and Yanxiang group carry out strategic cooperation under such circumstances, and the two have good complementarity in the general processor industry chain. It is understood that with the strong support of Beijing Loongson Zhongke Technology Service Center Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Computing Institute, Yanxiang has launched a number of embedded products based on Loongson CPU technology, which are the first in the world. For example, Godson 2E wide temperature anti-seismic and waterproof on-board computer, Godson 2F PC104 architecture embedded computer, Godson 2E 1U 19 "standard on-board Godson 2E network safety machine, Godson 2E 4 oral application motherboard and other new products with high efficiency and low energy consumption

through the signing of the strategic partnership agreement between the two sides under the high subsidy and decline mechanism, the Institute of computing and Yanxiang will carry out more in-depth cooperation in the field of high-performance embedded computers and create more top-notch products. The combination of these two powers will surely create a "core" era in the embedded field and open a new page for China's creation and development

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