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Yanxiang CPCI creates boundless communication space

from October 21 to 25, 2008, China International Information and Communication Exhibition was grandly held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. As the largest and most influential information and Communication Exhibition in China and even Asia, this exhibition has more than 500 communication business operators and it product manufacturers from 19 countries and regions, bringing visitors a feast of the latest information and communication business, technology and equipment

Yanxiang group joined hands with its strategic partner Hangzhou Sanhui Information Engineering Co., Ltd. to participate in this communication exhibition. The 45 square meter special booth is located in booth e2235 of the east hall 2, and the latest products based on CPCI, ATCA and MTCA technologies, cpc-1712cld3naintelpentium processor wide temperature main control board, 3upentium processor level main control board cpc-3711cl2na and cpc-84044u8 slot belt optional touch screen CompactPCI, and many other products are displayed. The professional customization of Yanxiang CPCI products is closely combined with the application in the communication industry to create professional product application solutions for users. The detailed explanation and comprehensive product classification display of the staff showed the strong technological innovation strength and the concept of service first of Yanxiang company. Here I would like to recommend three popular products to share with you

I. cpc-1712cld3naintelpentium processor wide temperature main control board

* intelpentium processor, 400mhzfsb, main frequency 1.8ghz

* 1gddr memory on board, which can be expanded to 2G

* three thousand. Some requirements mean that the conversion force measurement piston should be strictly used to detect the local trillion port of the friction and wear tester

* support VGA and LVDS display, DVI display optional

* 1 32bitpmc interface

* support -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃ working temperature


II. Cpc-3711cl2na3upentium processor level main control board

* intelceleronm/pentium is mainly composed of rack, ball screw, upper crossbeam, middle crossbeam and workbench into m processor, 400mhzfsb

* 1 DDR2 Memory socket, and supports 2gbddr2400

* 2 Gigabit ports


III Cpc-34144u14 slot is based on the building block concept and expandable large capacity 3ucompactpci system platform

* 4u14 slot 19 "standard CPCI on shelf chassis

* 14 3U slots, including 1 system slot, 13 peripheral slots

*0 slot is the system monitoring module slot

* 2 250wcpci power supplies, compatible with ac/dc input


Yanxiang CPCI products will bring you experience through zero distance contact with you.Unbounded communication space

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