The hottest Yanxiang group appears at RTS embedded

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From March 31 to April 1, 2009, the group with an annual production capacity of 600million watt hours participated in the rtsmembeddedsystems exhibition held in the Paris Convention and Exhibition Center, which was the first time that the group appeared in France

this exhibition has attracted many customers and agents around Paris, central and southern France. As the largest manufacturer of embedded products in China, Evodia group has exhibited a number of mainstream products, especially the reinforced notebook jnb-1401, which has attracted much attention. In addition, many customers are very interested in MEC machine, tablet computer, atom products and small-size board card series products

7. Complete set technology

is different from the embeddedworld embedded professional exhibition in Germany some time ago, which has a port output of about 5billion per year. This exhibition is more localized and closer to the needs of industry customers. The exhibition has not only improved the popularity of "EVOC" in the French market, but also played a good role in promoting EVOC group to understand and enter the French market

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