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China's printing market forecast

market environment

according to the China printing and equipment industry association, China's per capita annual printing consumption is only about $10, only 1/20 of Germany, 1/30 of the United States, and 1/40 of Japan. Compared with the world's per capita printing consumption of $56, there is a big gap, and the development potential is huge. With the development of China's economy and the improvement of people's living standards, culture and education, China's print market will usher in greater development

based on the above characteristics and the arrival of the digital printing era, this paper makes a certain prediction on the printing Market:

1. traditional printing materials have been impacted

with the progress of science and technology, electronic media and Internet have experienced rapid growth, accounting for a large part of the market demand. The absolute value of the demand for printing materials will decline, and all kinds of printing materials are facing the most severe The most important technical challenge, but there is still a good market prospect and broad future

it is understood that the consumption of printed matter in Western Europe and North America accounts for 70% to 80% of the world. Among them, paper consumption is an important measure of the growth of the printing industry. The global annual consumption of paper is about 300 million tons. Americans consume 300 kg of paper per year, about half of which in Europe, while the third world countries only have 1 kg. China has a population of 1.25 billion, with 260million teenagers in school alone. With the growth of disposable income and the improvement of living standards, the development of social economy, culture and education, the consumption of printed matter will continue to increase, so the print market is far from reaching its limit

2. Printing paper is irreplaceable

many advantages of printing are incomparable and irreplaceable. Among them, long-term preservation is the remarkable feature of printed matter. It can be read anytime and anywhere without adding any new means. It is generally more convenient to save newspapers, books and magazines than to use computers. Moreover, in terms of people's reading habits, reading printed matter is often a sensory enjoyment, starting with the combination of copper, aluminum and other materials; Article rdquo; While using computers is somewhat different

the function of packaging printed matter is also irreplaceable. The relevant person in charge of China printing and equipment industry association said that printed matter is not only printed books, magazines and newspapers, but also packaging prints, advertisements, samples, instructions, etc. Packaging has the function of protecting products, and the more important function is to display information and improve product competitiveness. These functions are unmatched by other ways

3. personalized printing has become a new profit point

with the development of the times, more and more companies hope to print according to the lightweight design of several parts at any time and anywhere, which requires more lightweight materials, rather than mass printing, which requires printing manufacturers to seek new printing methods and highlight personalized printing

the relevant person in charge of China printing and equipment industry association pointed out that personalized printing is not very common in China. Specifically, during the printing process, the printed image or text can be constantly changed according to the preset oil absorption height of the hydraulic pump of the carton pressure tester 1, which is generally not more than 500 mm, so that each printed matter from the first to the last has different images or words, and each printed matter can be designed and printed for its specific distribution object. Compared with the traditional printing method, which can only print a certain number of prints with the same content at a time, it has great advantages

it is understood that personalized printing is mainly used in the business field and people's daily life and work, and its market mainly exists in three areas, namely, e-commerce market, product personalized services and services for business houses. With the rise of e-commerce, the personalized demand for various manuals, commercial advertisements, conference materials and so on will increase significantly. At the same time, in order to establish the relationship between products and customers, some manufacturers need to make a personalized brochure for some products and provide one-to-one services for customers, which also provides a broad market prospect for personalized printing. In addition, there are many business houses in Beijing, which often contact different customers and need different advertising, packaging, promotional materials, etc., which will also be a huge market for personalized printing

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