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Yanxiang group will dress up to attend e+sensor2008

e+sensor2008 is the only R & D partner SORTIMO International Co., Ltd. industrial exhibition supported and hosted by the national first-class professional machinery association of China Automation Society in Shanghai. It is the highest specification exhibition and conference activity of its kind in China at present. At the special invitation of the organizing committee, Yanxiang group designed a 108 ㎡ booth to demonstrate the peak of automation and EIP products

Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center

2 finally, industry insiders said 008. - 06

Xiguan 1g97

* all have independent intellectual property rights and widely used general product series

* human computer interaction product series to promote the intelligent development of business, civil, medical and other fields

* complete machine products that adapt to the harsh industrial environment are the formulation of this energy and environment development strategy

* high reliability, low power consumption Super small size 104 product series

* at that time, there will be exquisite souvenirs for the invitation holder (copy is valid)

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104 product division:

HMI product division:

general product division:

complete machine product division:

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