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Market prospect prediction of packaging machinery what is the packaging machinery industry

the packaging machinery industry is a supporting industry of the packaging industry and plays an important role in the light industry machinery industry. Over the years, packaging machinery has provided important technical support for the packaging industry and played an important role in the development of the packaging industry. More and more people in the packaging industry believe that the way out for the development of the packaging industry lies in the development of packaging machinery. Imagine that more than a decade ago, the technology of China's packaging machinery industry was very backward, and China's packaging industry imported a large number of packaging machinery. At the same time, the packaging machinery industry also continued to innovate on the basis of absorbing and digesting foreign advanced technology. Now it has formed a complete industry system, and the technical level of packaging machinery has also been continuously improved, which not only meets domestic needs, but also exports many packaging machinery to earn foreign exchange. However, compared with the development of foreign packaging machinery, there is still a big gap in China. Therefore, in the future, China's packaging industry is facing great opportunities for development, so packaging machinery will also have greater development. According to the current situation and domestic demand, the following five types of packaging machinery will have great development

1. Bag making filling sealing packaging machinery

at present, there are more than 100 domestic enterprises producing "bag making filling sealing" packaging machinery, with an annual output of 1500 ~ 2000 sets and about 40 varieties. The filling equipment is generally divided into 2G ~ 10g, 20g ~ 50g, 50g ~ 100g, 100g ~ 250g, 250g ~ 500g, 500g ~ 1000g, 1000g ~ 2000g. About 75% of the domestic "bag making filling sealing" packaging machines are small-size packaging machines, which have better solved the packaging problems of granular materials, liquids, pastes and powders within this range. Tianjin Huate Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise to produce this kind of products in China and has the largest export volume. It is one of the largest manufacturers of small bag "forming filling sealing machine" in China. At present, the domestic "bag making filling sealing" packaging machinery products are mainly single row and three side sealing bag types, which should be developed in the direction of multi row high-speed. At present, there are five domestic manufacturers of "medium bag forming filling sealing" packaging machines. At present, the automatic bag forming and packaging equipment for medium bag powder has not really passed the test in China, which is closely related to the lack of relevant basic technology research

insiders generally believe that the development trend of "bag making filling sealing" packaging machinery is modular structure, multi row, high speed, high stability, simple transmission machinery and adaptive closed-loop control

compared with similar foreign products, there is still a certain gap in China's "bag making filling sealing" packaging machinery on the whole, which is mainly reflected in the small variety and the lack of special models suitable for the packaging of milk powder, salt, cotton sugar, washing powder and other materials. The packaging accuracy is low, generally between ± 2% and 3%, and some are more than ± 3%, while the packaging accuracy of foreign similar products is ± 1%, which is stable and reliable. The packaging speed is low. At present, the packaging speed of domestic machinery is mostly between 60 ~ 120 Bags/min. when it exceeds 80 bags/min, the packaging quality decreases, and the medium bag packaging is 35 ~ 60 bags/min; The speed of mechanical packaging abroad has reached 1200 bags/min for small bags and 160 bags/min for medium bags. Foreign advanced technology can complete filling and sealing under vacuum or sterile conditions. At present, such equipment is still lacking in China

2. Corrugated board (box) production equipment

corrugated boxes have been used for product packaging for nearly a century in the world. Corrugated boxes are light and beautiful, suitable for large-scale mechanized production, especially convenient for recycling and reuse, so they have always occupied an important position in traditional packaging materials. The output value of carton industry in economically developed countries accounts for about 40% of the output value of the whole packaging industry. At present, corrugated boxes can not only be used as packaging goods, but also have the functions of shock absorption and moisture insulation, and their applications are more and more widely

in the past decade, the domestic corrugated box machinery industry has developed rapidly, and there are dozens of equipment manufacturers, including Hu beijingshan Light Industry Machinery Factory, capital machinery factory, Zhaoqing Jialong chartered aircraft group, Liaoning Dandong Light Machinery Factory, but the central part with wet water is easy to use parts and electronic control, etc. The corrugated board (carton) production line of capital machinery factory with a width of 1.6m and a speed of 100m/min has been exported to Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. Zhaoqing Jialong charter group also exports. China has been able to produce corrugated board processing equipment with a B, C E, E B and other corrugated shapes and three, five and seven layers, with a width of 1.6 ~ 2.5m, the speed of the production line has been increased to 180m/min, and 100 ~ 120m/min when working at a steady speed. The products range from corrugated cardboard line to printing slotting machine, cardboard gluing machine, corner cutting machine and other varieties. Computer technology has been applied to the production line to facilitate production management and specification adjustment and improve the technical level of the whole line. Due to the improvement of special processing equipment and process level of corrugating roller, its service life is extended to more than 10million meters. Although domestic products have made great progress, the gap with foreign advanced technology is still not small. The fastest speed of foreign advanced models has reached 350m/min, and the maximum width has reached 3.3m. In addition, there is a big gap in the comprehensive indicators such as energy consumption of domestic medium and low-speed, medium and light corrugated board production lines

the development direction of corrugated cardboard box manufacturing equipment in China is to develop wide and high-speed complete sets of equipment to meet the needs of market development; Second, in the production of medium and light corrugated carton equipment, we should pay attention to the complete set, expand the application depth and breadth of computer technology, and focus on improving performance and reliability

3. Metal packaging container processing equipment

on the whole, the production and manufacturing industry of metal packaging container processing machinery in China has begun to take shape, and can produce round can resistance welding can production line, special-shaped can body welding production line, easy pull cap production line, steel barrel production line and bottle cap production line. The aluminum can body manufacturing equipment is still empty in China, and the small bag packaging of other condiments is not far away. At present, only can cover production equipment can be manufactured in China. From a technical point of view, China is still in the stage of imitation and digestion and absorption of foreign technologies. Due to the weak technical foundation, incomplete digestion and absorption work and lack of in-depth research, the overall level is not high. Domestic representative enterprises include Shantou Light Industry Machinery Factory, Beijing Aviation Technology Institute, etc. At present, there are many key equipment that can be produced in China, such as resistance welding machines, which are at medium and low speeds, generally below 20m/min and up to 35m/min; In foreign countries, it is generally up to 100m/min, with a large gap. At present, the overall domestic level is roughly the level of foreign countries in the late 1980s. There is a big gap between the steel barrel production line and foreign countries, especially the steel barrel full-automatic seam welding machine, which has always been the bottleneck of domestic barrel making equipment. The technical level and speed of the production line are not high, and it needs to be vigorously developed

the development trend of this kind of products is to improve product performance, improve yield and material utilization; The second is to accelerate the technological progress of products, such as the development of mercury free welding wheels and high-performance high-frequency welding power supply

3. Pulp molding processing equipment

in recent years, the "white pollution" caused by foamed plastic lunch boxes to our living environment has attracted extensive attention of the whole society. In order to control "white pollution" and protect the ecological environment, pulp mold tableware is increasingly recognized as a substitute. The development and production of pulp mold equipment and products has become a new hot spot of environmental protection products

China began to study the technology of paper tableware, pulp molded tableware and degradable plastics in the early 1990s. Because the degradable plastic process is still under study, it is difficult to achieve complete degradation at present, and because the production cost of degradable plastic products is high, it has not been listed in large numbers. China's paper tableware processing equipment began to be developed in the mid-1990s. There are more than 30 processing equipment production enterprises, with small production scale and a large gap from economic scale production, which makes the price of processing equipment high, so the cost of paper tableware is high, The cost is nearly twice as high as that of foamed plastic lunch boxes, so the promotion process is not fast. However, with the emergence of large and medium-sized production lines and the reduction of other costs, the current production cost of pulp mold tableware is only slightly higher than that of foamed plastic tableware. In addition, the state has expressly restricted the use of foamed plastic tableware, and the era of pulp mold tableware replacing foamed plastic tableware has come. Relevant experts believe that in the future, pulp mold tableware processing machinery should be studied in three aspects: reducing the cost of forming and heating molds, improving heating methods, reducing power consumption costs, and increasing production line output

4. Vacuum packaging machinery

the production of vacuum packaging machinery in China began in the 1970s and developed rapidly. Starting from the digestion and absorption of imported technology, the starting point is high. After 30 years of development, it has been able to produce various types of vacuum inflatable packaging machines. Except for a few provinces and regions such as Xinjiang, Tibet and Qinghai, production enterprises are all over the country, but a small number of enterprises take vacuum packaging machines as the leading products, most of them are small and medium-sized enterprises, and many enterprises mainly produce by assembly. The existing varieties of products in China are relatively complete, which can basically meet the needs of the market. The main varieties are single chamber, double chamber, conveyor belt type, intubation type, rotary vacuum chamber type, thermoforming, mixed gas inflatable type, etc., mainly semi-automatic operation, and there are few fully automatic continuous type, large vacuum chamber and vacuum packaging machines suitable for liquid packaging. Lack of efficient and special vacuum packaging machine

most vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machines in China have been developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign technologies. There is no obvious gap between the design and structure of the vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machines and similar foreign models, but there are problems such as the quality of accessories is not up to standard, so that the reliability of the whole machine is still far from that of similar foreign models

The application of high and new technology drives the continuous improvement of the overall design of vacuum inflatable packaging machinery. In terms of filling mixed gas, heat pipe heat sealing technology, high vacuum solenoid valve, etc., developed countries have generally adopted high-tech. China has a relatively obvious gap in this regard, which needs to be further developed. Some varieties, such as determinant vacuum packaging, still need to be filled in

in the future, China should continue to track the advanced technology of foreign vacuum packaging machines, accelerate the application of high and new technology, fill in blank varieties, and pay attention to the production of device accessories, improve reliability and expand the scope of use

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