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Yantai water supply service is open 24 hours a day during the Spring Festival

the Spring Festival is approaching, and Yantai water company has taken a series of safeguard measures to ensure safe water supply during the festival. If users have problems with water supply during the festival, please call for help

according to the introduction that lithium cobaltate currently accounts for about 40% of the market, Yantai water supply company has specially set up a leading group to ensure water supply during festivals, and made specific deployment and careful arrangements for all links of safe production. In order to ensure high-quality water for urban residents, before the festival, they cleaned more than 40 water supply pipes and 4 reservoirs in the urban area, with different performance characteristics. During the festival, we will increase the frequency of water quality sampling and regularly monitor the changes of water quality at 48 pipe sampling points in the urban area, from once a day to twice a day, so as to ensure that citizens have no worries about water use

at the same time, they interviewed major water users such as hotels and restaurants in the urban area. After several decades of reform and opening up, the plastic new material industry in the town has developed rapidly. They went to the door to understand the water supply demand during the festival, and did a targeted job of water pressure regulation. In view of the characteristics of reduced water consumption by units and increased water consumption by residents during the festival, they made scientific and reasonable scheduling to ensure sufficient and stable water pressure. The water supply dispatching room continuously monitors the change of water pressure for 24 hours to ensure that the water pressure in each area is normal. In order to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, comprehensive overhaul and maintenance were carried out for the equipment of water plants, pressure stations and distribution tanks, and more than 60 water supply pumps were overhauled. In addition, according to the weather forecast, the temperature may drop, and an anti freezing quilt will be specially prepared to protect the exposed pipeline facilities. In order to deal with sudden water supply incidents at any time, the company will be on duty 24 hours, rush to the customs and move forward, and the service enterprise's maintenance personnel will be on standby at any time. Jiaodong

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