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Leakage protection switch types, performance and advantages and disadvantages

according to the action principle, leakage protection switches can be divided into voltage type and current type, which are composed of columns, upper beams, middle beams and worktables. In view of the fact that voltage type leakage protection can only be used as general protection, the low reliability of safe power supply and the limitations of protection, it has been eliminated in China. Here, the current type leakage protection switch is mainly introduced. According to the structure and action principle, this kind of switch can be divided into pulse type, electromagnetic type and electronic type, which are described as follows:

the working principle of pulse leakage protection switch is to use current mutation to act. Although there is a current and time action dead zone, and each branch may have the disadvantage of misoperation when it is put into operation, the pulse leakage protection switch has recognition and can be developed into an intelligent leakage protection switch, As the general protection of distribution transformer, the primary protection of trunk line has large current value and time value of setting action, and the above shortcomings can be completely overcome in the multi-level protection

the characteristics of the electromagnetic leakage protection switch are not affected by the power supply voltage, the environmental temperature has little influence on the characteristics, the withstand voltage and impact ability is strong, the external magnetic field interference is small, and it has the advantages of simple structure, and the incoming and outgoing lines can be reversed; However, it has poor resistance to mechanical shock and vibration, and it is difficult to meet the requirements of time delay and inverse time limit characteristics. The manufacturing requirements are precise, the price is expensive, and the sensitivity is limited to 30mA. It is only suitable for small capacity loads, so it has been replaced by electronic leakage protection switches

although the electronic leakage protection switch has the influence of power supply voltage and ambient temperature on its characteristics, it has poor lightning impulse resistance, weak resistance to external magnetic field interference, and complex structure. How to test the sensitivity of the tensile testing machine? Now let's share with you: the disadvantage that the outgoing line cannot be reversed, but it is easy to meet the requirements of time-delay inverse time limit characteristics, simple to manufacture, high sensitivity and low price. For the above shortcomings, the color difference control technology is also recognized as one of the difficult technologies to master in injection molding. Regulated power supply, temperature compensation, overvoltage absorber, electronic circuit anti-interference measures can be completely overcome, so it is widely used. Especially with the rapid development of electronic technology and the wide application of integrated circuits and integrated blocks, the volume of protection switches is getting smaller and smaller. It can be made into quick break type or time-delay type according to user requirements, and can be matched with various capacity switches (ranging from a few amperes to hundreds of Amperes) to meet various user requirements. It can be made into all kinds of leakage protection switches for user end backup direct protection (such as power switches and sockets, hand-held and mobile electric tools, water pumps, machine tools, etc.) and all kinds of leakage protection switches for user indirect protection (such as residential general protection, low-voltage main and branch lines, distribution transformer general 11, sample basket 3 protection, etc.), so it has a broad development prospect. (end)

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